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Exchange 2003 SP2

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Hi all,


We have a SBS2003 server where I work and one of the managers asked if they could get their iPhone set up for email. I tried to get it to work but couldn't until I found a guide that said I needed to install Exchange 2003 SP2. So I did and the iPhone can now talk to the exchange and send/receive emails.


But now OWA is not accessible (unless the address changed). We used to be able to type in www.companyname.com.au/exchange and it would take us to the login page but now it just says cannot find page. Some guides I've read say that the address changes when you upgrade to SP2 but they don't say to what. Other guides say that some patches are the cause but don't give a solution.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Does IIS work? Have you done an IIS reset?

Yeah, thanks man, tried that one.


Dang, it seems I have made it worse so now email doesn't work at all /sigh

Tried this?



I already had SP1 installed, SP2 has caused the hassle. Thanks though.


Thanks guys, here is the latest update:


Got email working again (apart from the original fault of OWA not showing up over the internet)


On Server: https://localhost/exchange WORKS

On Network: https://SBS2003/exchange WORKS

On Internet: https://www.domainname.com.au/exchange DOESN'T WORK


The fault must be with some sort of redirection or authentication setting (that’s my understanding anyway).


I checked the properties of the items “Exchange” and “ExchWeb” in the IIS under SBS2003/Web Sites and found that neither items have a default domain selected in “Authentication and Access Controls” under the “Directory Security” tab (I have screenshots but I'm not sure how to post them on here). I don’t want to try it however in case we lose email altogether again.


Another thing I found is in the properties of those two items, under the “ASP.net” tab, the file location textbox has in it \\.\BackOfficeStorage\domainname.com.au\MBX\web.config . I have read that this is a virtual directory that points to C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\exchweb on the server. I went to this folder and found that there was no web.config file. So I’m not sure if that may be a key factor as well.


Thanks guys

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Proxy exclusions for the exchange server?


Edit: Sorry, just re-read your statement that it works via network, not through the internet.


Can your clients ping the exchange server?

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