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Radeon VII

2000 core
+20 Power
1000 mem

100% fan
J max 97c
ambient ~25c

Graphics Score
30 827

2010MHz even up to 1200mv crashes
Auto OC = instant blue screen

Graphics score was ~200 lower with 1168mv
Actual clock speed was ~1900-1980

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Posted (edited)

Graphics Score    32,319

2045 core
1166mv (Fixed it was crashing instantly over 2000MHz with 2d v at default as it didn't ramp up quick enough)
+20 Power (peak power use 489w at wall)
1200 mem
J max 108c in Graphics test one thermal throttled to 1950-2000MHz while graphics test 2 ran 2000-2045MHz
Ambient ~10c


Superposition:  (1080p Extreme)


2000 core 1138mv
1200 mem
100c J max

So just ahead of gambles 1080ti but it seems the 2080 does really well in this test.

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Great results!  Looks like that card has lots of potential.   Look forward to seeing more 🙂

After the new board I was able to run my ram at it's rated speed of 3466 but it requires 1.58v so running it at 3266 16-16-16-36 1T. 

Did a compare of the last few cards below.  I know your 1070 was a better OC'er but threw it up mine as well.  This is with my 2080 running as has much as it will go +165 (1995 to 2085c) / +1300 8300m.  Power limit is what holds it back, the temps with fan at 70% never hit over 67c so I dont think water would help out much for gaming or benching.  Especially since it runs sub 60c for much of the bench runs as they are short.  I can game at this setting but run around +70 2000c/+1000 8000m for daily as there just isn't much gain past that it seems. 

FireStrike:  https://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/18631627/fs/18632700/fs/14716114/fs/13625478/fs/12182486

Graphics Score:
2600x/Rtx2080:  29187
1700x/Gtx1080 Ti:  29677
1700x/RX56(flashed to 64):  22098
1700x/Gtx1070:  19865


TimeSpy: https://www.3dmark.com/compare/spy/6510932/spy/3321791/spy/2719676/spy/1480735

Graphics Score:
2600x/Rtx2080:  11975
1700x/Gtx1080 Ti:  10418
1700x/RX56(flashed to 64):  7203
1700x/Gtx1070:  6340

Superposition:  7555

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Posted (edited)

I think I am close to having my 24\7 stable OC dialed in using MorePowerVII_77+ and quiet fan\pump curves that keep the GPU under 70C hot spot.

2100 Core 1202mV 1230 Mem


The increased SOC from this powerplay profile is what let's me hit 2100MHz the next step up (EvenMorePowerVII_1293++) only brought with it another 25MHz.

MorePowerVII_77+ https://www.overclock.net/forum/67-amd/1633446-preliminary-view-amd-vega-bios-131.html

+77%(+20%) max power limit, 400A TDC Core (330A), 66A TDC SoC (50A)
1193mV SoC (1168mV), max HBM 1300MHz (1200MHz)


Heaven Extreme: 4237

Valley HD Extreme: 5770

Superposition 1080P Extreme: 6528

Superposition 4K Optimized: 9013

FireStrike: 22,836 - Graphics Score 33,409 - Physics Score 14,455 - Combined Score 9121 http://www.3dmark.com/fs/19456389

FireStrike Extreme: 13,686 - Graphics Score 16,027 - Physics Score 14,445 - Combined Score 6296 http://www.3dmark.com/fs/19456438

FireStrike Ultra: 7697 - Graphics Score 8039 - Physics Score 14,424 - Combined Score 3602 http://www.3dmark.com/fs/19456461

TimeSpy: 9390 Graphics Score 10,479  CPU Score 5911 http://www.3dmark.com/spy/7309743





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Posted (edited)

I didn't appreciate just how much of it is finding the right v for the set clock speed and just how much slower more v can be even with a higher set clock.
2175MHz core set for both the below
179FPS graphics test 1 1238mV <Crashed test 2 This would have mostly been running 2100MHz+
172FPS graphics test 1 1243mV <This would have been around 2050-2125MHz
FireStrike 23,333 Graphics Score 34,436 http://www.3dmark.com/fs/19496909



Tried again this morning with the window open at 3c ambient so junction maxed out at 60c but didn't do any better
Got in a run set at 2221MHz 1271mV 1287MHz mem but only scored 34,353
Peak power use from the wall was 559w


Swapped back to 2100MHz 1212mV and it doesn't matter if power limit is at 0% or 99% the max power use from the wall remains at 509w in firestrike.
While I have seen up to 30% power limit affect clocks in other programs power use never went much over 500w.


For comparison
Firestrike grapics test 1
Max power use from wall
Stock 1143mV 367w
Undervolted 1001mV 315w
I did get sick of 100% fan speed though so these two will be ~20w lower due to that.

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