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Laptop Mini's that can play games.

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Hi guys,


I was looking to get a new laptop to replace my old HP, 2.0 dual core, 2gb ram, 8600GS M 17 inch screen, and I was wondering whether there was a mini laptop that could play at least some games.


Games I would be looking to play





TBH I don't know whether there are any mini laptops that have ability to play games.


Any feedback would be good.



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When you mean "mini laptop", you're reffering to something like a 10" screen netbook?


If so... Best bet is the ones made by Dell/Alienware, with the Core i7 CPU and Geforce 350m GT GPU.


Next best after that would be basically anything with ION2 in it... Forget it unless you want to play with all settings on low, or 5+ year old games.

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