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Printer Spool error

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Basically our reception computer is running win xp for the last 3 years, and has been running quite smoothly. We have a hp laserjet 1020 which was installed about a year ago. Everything was running smoothly until one of my staff attempted to open a pdf file. and bang... the printer would not print instead we got a printer spool error. i have searched the internet turn spooling off and on set it on automatic. but i need to turn in on permanently as it turns off then i turn it on then it goes off....

any help would be appreciated.

in my fustration last night i formated the entire computer took me a few hours to install everything. All day the printer was fine.. then at 5 pm printer spooling error again. SO im not a happy camper, i have activated and turned the printer spooler on and if it fails i have set it to restart the spooler indefintately.


i think this post maybe in the wrong location, this is more software than hardware.

anyways i have removed the pdf reader and its more stable now but i need to read pdf files !!

error : says : Spooler subsystem App has encoutnered a problem and needs to close.

szAppName : spoolsv.exe szAppVer : 5.1.2600.6024 szModName : ZSR.DLL

szModVer : 6.20.1625.0 offset : 0001f979





As soon as i install acrobat pdf reader i got the printer spooling error. So the files from the pdf reader are stuffing up my printer spooler !!. any help would be appreaciated. thanks

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Someone had your problem at the Adobe Forums back in 2008 with you exact printer here. One solution found in the thread was "uninstall your printer software, and uninstall Adobe Reader" reboot then reinstall your printer software then download and install Foxit Reader to handle your PDF files.

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