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Buttkicker Gamer

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My apologies if this is in the wrong section - Audio and Display seemed the place for it.


The Buttkicker Gamer has been around for ages, and I got one primarily because I read they were excellent in Flight Sims. I find I use it all the time though - it adds to the experience of just about any game, but particularly FPS's. After a while you almost don't notice it, you just become used to the low vibration of the engine rumbling if you jump in a ute in FarCry2 or something, and the feel of gun shots and explosions nearby. But I never really hear anyone make mention of them.


Does anyone else have one, or have used one before? They're expensive, and they seem a bit dubious at first (at least they did to me until I read all the reviews on them and bit the bullet) but god they add to the experience. That and Z5500's cranked right up almost make you feel like you're there!

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