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Asus Transformer

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I know im bumping an old thread, but I can't see why I should make a new one really....?


Just updated my Transformer to Ice Cream Sandwich OTA.




I was a bit excited about the update coming, but then I got a Galaxy Nexus phone so have been using ICS for a few weeks now. That "oooh shiny" feeling was gone....I thought.


ICS on the Transformer feels so good. It instantly felt way faster than Honeycomb. I was getting annoyed at how sluggish it started feeling, but ICS has given it a new lease on life. Haven't had a chance to play around with it fully, but I'm getting to it now.


One thing I hope is that they fixed my bug where my battery would only last 2 days tops. Started happening after the last update. My TF101 usually lasts 4-5days.

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Just bumping this thread, relevant stuff....


Had a Coworker having trouble with Transformer, the battery wouln't charge.

The Transformers use 12Volt 1.5Amp input.


The only place I could localy find such a thing was Jaycar, adjustable voltage charger complete with usb plug.

Charged to 100% quickly.


I stressed to him not to put anything else but his Transformer on it, 12Volts will fry his phone.

The stock chargers are prone to breaking down, nothing wrong with the batteries at all.


Note- the reason why Transformers have a 12Volt input system charge is because with the dock ( 7Volt battery inside) and the tablet connected it has to charge both batteries.

7 + 5 =12 Volts.

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sorry in advance for the bump of this thread


but i'm thinking about getting on of there fellas and been reading a couple of reviews and the things that seem to be popping up have to do with:

- dim screen

- slightly flimsy chassis

- the keyboard feeling funny (need to get used to it or something?)


can anyone confirm these or have some reason to get or not to get one?

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Just an update for anyone interested, just purchased the Infinity from JB Hi Fi. Catalog special at $876. Unboxing now, shiny;-)

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