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Quality vs. Dodgy UV filters

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(Via Dan Rutter's Twitter.)


I doubt anyone's ever felt the need to stack a dozen or four UV filters onto their lens, but surprisingly there's actually a good reason for doing so. It helps to point out the differences between high quality and low quality filters. Click through to the full article as it's got plenty of pictures (as a good camera blog post should have...).


Here's a snippet to whet your appetite:


Good Times with Bad Filters


OK. First and foremost this is a fun post. It is not episode 362 of “Should you put a UV filter on your lens”. Some people use them. Some don’t. There’s not enough bandwidth to ever end that argument.


But here at Lensrentals, we have a ton of filters. We have some really good, very expensive filters. We have some OK, middle of the road filters. And because some customers, uhm, happen to return a very cheap filter in place of the one they were sent, we’ve obtained some crappy filters. Brand names aren’t necessary. If it cost $22 in 77mm size, it’s a crappy filter.


Anyway, one of the techs has to clean all those filters, make sure the threads are OK, and test them out. Honestly nobody likes to do it, so it gets put off until we need some filters or there’s just nothing else to do. So the other day Kenny is cleaning filters and testing the threads by mounting them one in front of the other until he made a nice mountain of 50 UV filters.


Link to full article.

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Quite a difference there... it really does prove the old saying: "you get what you pay for"


Some things are ridiculously overpriced for what they are, and sometimes "close enough is good enough". With one filter I doubt I'd tell the difference, but get enough of them and it has a significant impact.


There are people who wonder why I'm not keen on stacking connectors and lengths of coax with my radios. Same deal... each connector contributes loss, as does each unit-length of feed-line. The higher the frequency, the more these things have an impact. i.e. PL-259 connectors (so-called "UHF"... well 30MHz was "UHF" when they were invented) are no good in the VHF or above.


I'd imagine optics is no different... and soon we'll be comparing cheap optic fibre to good quality stuff in our FTTH installations. :-)

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yea i am with the good filter makes a difference team, i recently swapped out the cokin to much more expensive lee filters and photos come out much better...no more funny colour casting and photos just have more pop to them

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Does anyone know how they go about cleaning the filters?

I'd guess with a cloth and some alcohol. Personally I use those disposable glasses cleaner thingies. Works a treat.



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