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Age of Conan: Unchained

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In relation to the article on the front page.


And also this link provided in the article: http://www.ageofconan.com/news/new_content_since_launch


Who here will be giving this a go? Or even returning to the game now?


I'm keen to go back and give it another shot, I have played twice in the past - at launch, for about a month (gave up at level 30 with my Assassin) and then returned 18 months later in mid-2009 and played for about five months, got to 72 on my Assassin (played a whole heap of alts in this time so never had a max level.)


I enjoyed it, had a guild, all of that; I just had no friends that played. None of my RL mates (some of whom play(ed) WoW with me) were keen to try it either.


All the new changes to class balance. All the new additions to zones. PVP minigames, dungeon encounters, gameplay mechanics, stat weights, it's looking pretty attractive.


Anyone here going to be jumping on board?

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Finished the download overnight, it was about an 8 GB total download, although I haven't fired it up yet (at work today) so when I get home I'll report if there are any further patches.


Looking forward to firing this up and checking out what's new! I loved the combat system in it, very innovative, and I believe Lowerping (www.lowerping.com) supports AoC now as well, which means better pings, and an all-round easier time hitting targets!!


No one else interested? :<

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