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Backup drive DIY or buy ready drive

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Hey Guys,


Currently looking at a temporary backup solution for my data until I can afford my RAID and nas Enclosure so I just have a few questions which I hope someone can clear.


Would it be wiser for me to get a separate USB 3 enclosure and then put a samsung F3 Drive in it




Should I just Purchase a Samsung STORY USB 3.0 1TB External Drive for $75 from PCCG



I've been burnt by WD so I don't want to touch their external hdd's and I've been told your failure rate is a lot lower when you make your own external HDD.


I'm thinking of a 1TB Drive. Still need to buy a USB 3 PCI-E card though



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I've tended to go the DIY route… if the drive fails you can bring the drive in the case back to the shop, get them to check it, RMA the drive and grab a new one out of stock to install in the case. This could include switching manufacturers of HDD if need be.


Or, if it's the case, you can pull the drive out, plug it in directly and still access your data. Something which cannot be done with some external USB HDDs. (Some of the WD Passport drives had a proprietary interface for example.)

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Separate enclosure would likely be easier to remove / replace / change the drive if required, so I'd go that route personally.


I've pulled apart a number of brand-name external drives (WD, Seagate) and none of them are much fun to work on.

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I've tended to go the DIY route…

This. Mainly because the couple of retail drives I have bought have both had hardware failures on the USB port not long after purchase. As I couldn't be stuffed doing the warrant dance I just bought third party cases and fitted the drives to them. Best case I have had in the 2.5in size is the Hitachi HDS251US-22BK which appears to be made by Astrotek.


Steer clear of the Hitachi X-Drive as the enclosure is a glued together thing that cannot be opened, you have to break the glue joints to remove the HDD. I did actually buy one but only because it was cheaper by $10.00 to buy it with the included HDD than it was to buy a bare HDD of the specs.

So just broke it open and discarded the now smashed caddy and fitted the HDD to my laptop.


Another reason the pre-built units give me the totally and complete shits is they all now seem to come with their proprietary autorun management softwarew crap that tries and installs on any PC they are connected too.

If I want your shitty bloated, process hijacking computer bogging down applications I will fucking install them when I want them.

Same goes for that USB flash drive portable apps shit. Just fuck off and die, I don't want your crap on my computer.

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Finally have the internet back >>> , I'm just going to look for a nice 3.5 or 2.5 enclosure and see what I can get. The USB 3 benefits are very tempting but it means I need to get a pci card for the moment.. Time to look for drives


Cheers for the replies guys sorry for the late reply,


I also agree i hate the shit crappy backup software or apps some companies are putting on their drives... gives me the shits

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