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Australian Classification Review

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The Australian Government have announced a review of the Australian Classification System and are taking public submissions with a closing date of 15 July 2011. This is directly relevant to the classification of video games (R18+ anyone?) and also to the proposed mandatory Internet filter.


Someone on a mailing list referenced this Slashdot article which mentions that there have been few reviews due to a lack of publicity. I also notice that the Classification Scheme Review was mentioned here on Atomic.


This needs some high profile publicity on the Atomic website - gamers and Internet users need to make their voices heard before the closing date!


The Classification Scheme Review paper can be downloaded here.


As Anonymous Coward 'Kactus' posted on Slashdot:


"Any Aussies should go to http://www.alrc.gov.au/content/classificat...line-submission to fill it out while keeping the report side by side, and working through them together. Its the easiest way.


The report is linked at the top, and you have to register as well."

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