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Water blocks for non-reference 6970

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I just bought myself a couple of Gigabyte 6970 overclock 2 (R697oc2-2gd) cards to power my eyefinity setup.


In crossfire the top card idles at 50 odd degrees until I load it up, which quickly hits the high 90s. A little high for my liking. Once the top card has been heatsoaked by the lower card it wont drop below about 60 at idle. The lower card idles between 30 and 40. I've tried unclocking them and running the fans at 100% which made bugger all difference apart from making a lot of fan noise.


I'm running this in a HAF922 case, so airflow isn't an issue. These cards don't pump the heat out the slots in the bracket, but rather back into the case. I have 2x 200mm fans (one top exhaust, one front intake), 1x 120mm rear exhaust, one 50mm bracket slot exhaust fan, the 2x 120mm on the noctua CPU cooler blowing up and out the top, and a couple more 120mm blowing onto the cards themselves.


I've had to pull the second card out as it was still getting hot even with crossfire disabled.


I have to use the cards sandwiched on my x58a-ud5 to make use of both the x16 slots. I cant move the lower card to an 8x slot as the card will hit the power supply below.


So my last option is to water cool them. I've never watercooled my PCs before so I'm a bit of a noob with it :P


Can anyone recommend a gpu cooling block that will suit my gigabyte R697oc2-2gd cards? A full block doesnt seem to exist, the EK non reference block wont fit as the mountings are in different positions. So it looks like I'll need a core only one, plus ramsinks or similar for the memory etc.


Also, what size radiator, and reservoirs would I need to cool the two of these plus cool my i7 930. I read somewhere about 1x120mm per cpu/gpu minimum.


I need to do something with this $400 paper weight :\

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gpu only blocks are the go and most cards now come with a heatsink seperat from the gpu hsf that can be left on for the vrm\mem when using a gpu block if this isnt the case its fairly simple to buy a buch of small sinks and glu em of with some arctic apoxy


a fat 3x120 rad with some decent fans in the top of the case will be enough but if you wanted low noise fans you would need more rad space to keep temps realy low but you would have to rear mount it or hack up the front lower drive bays to fit it

with water my gpu's mostly stay under 40c except for in hoter weather or with a high v oc


gpu blocks

EK-VGA Supreme HF - Acetal $55

XSPC Rasa GPU $57.50

Swiftech MCW82 VGA Waterblock $59


cpu blocks

XSPC RASA (BLACK ACETAL) $56.95 great value

EK-Supreme HF Acetal $73.75 high flow

Swiftech Apogee XT v2 $85

Koolance CPU-370 $89


Swiftech MCP35X 12V Pump PWM 1300-4500RPM $99

XSPC RX360 410x125x58.5mm 8fpi $115

7/16" tube clamps barbs

a restop for the pump


you may first want to try a side fan on the case and to try put something beteen the cards to spred them a little more those two things should make a huge difference

stick this fan on the side panel try it as inlet and outlet to see what offers the best temps

Silverstone Black 180mm Case Fan SST- AP181 $26

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My version the case has a perspex window instead of a fan slot so I couldn't put a fan there.. I tried to spead the cards apart a bit but I could only get another few mm clearance which didn't make a difference..


So I ended up buying some bits from EK and Koolance.


1x Koolance RP-401X2 5.25" twin reservoir

2x Koolance PMP-400 pumps

1x Koolance CNT-RP401X2 180 degree reservoir joiner

1x EK-Supreme-HF CPU block

2x EK-VGA Supreme HF GPU blocks with CrossSLI Danger Den Fittings Set


Now I Just need to do some measuring to figure out which radiator(s) I can fit, some cooling for the memory on the cards, figure out what fittings I'll need, hose and coolant.


Thanks for the recommendations :)

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The reservoir can be set up as a single or as 2 seperate. I was tossing up going with 2 seperate loops for a while so I bought the 2nd just in case.


I'm thinking/hoping I can fit a 3x120 in the top of the case with a little help from the holesaw and hot knife, and a 1x120 in the rear. I will need to go a fairly low profile rad in the top to keep it all inside the case.


Seems like the koolance HX-CU1020V should do the job.

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Get black ice rads ive used xspc and black ice and the finish and quality of the black ice is just fantastic. go for SR1 or GTX series radiators.


ek supreme hf gpu blocks are good got a few here (need to update my sig baha) so wise choice


post up pics need anymore help just post theres a few wise heads here when it comes to watercooling, listen to them they are amaizng ;)


good luck and take your time!


also primochill tubing ftw!!!!!!!!!

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A little bit of progress..


I got my rads last friday from PCCG.. ordered them about 3pm thursday, had them on my desk at work by 9am friday.. :D


I Ended up going with a 3x120 Black Ice Stealth 360 and a 1x120 GTX120, some 1800rpm Yate Loon fans and a couple of packs of Arctic Cooling VR001 Ram Heatsinks.


Whats the best way to non-permanently mount the ram sinks? I've still gotta clean the oily crap off the chips. Do I need to cool anything else other than the ram?


Even with the stealth being only 30something mm thick, its still not gonna fit into the HAF922 without running the fans outside the case which I dont want to do... Time to buy a new case... probably gonna go with the HAF932 as its a good size to fit under my desk. I've always had a thing for coolermaster cases too for some reason..


I Did a quick test fit of the EK VGA block on the 6970... perfect fit :)

Posted Image


Just gotta figure out how to plumb the crossfire setup.. Thinking of going with a Y piece before the cards to run them in parallel, then 90s onto the danger den fittings that can be seen in the above pic, then 90s back out to another Y going back to the single 1/2". Shouldn't lose too much flow that way hopefully.

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how unusual... ive got 580s which r suppose to be hot cards also.. top card sits at 80degs.. whether its stock clocked, or oc'd too 900... maybe it is indeed more airflow u need?? or maybe the cards u have on the side r taking in hot air from the back of the case??? i also know that non reference cards blow heat into the case making it even worse...



HAF 932 ftw hahaha i love mine.. :P

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cant find any pics of that model card and what needs cooling

but as this link shows just stick a sink on anything that had a pad or somthing connecting it to the heatsink



as for how to stick them on

thermal tape comes on some sinks but i have had them drop off on me in the past you can also buy it seperate http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...p;cPath=207_335

artic silver epoxy is suposted to be permament but if you mix it with arctic silver in 3 equal amounts it can be removed however it will leave some glue on the chips so it may not work if you were to try rma it

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should have just gotten a GTX 360 rad and the HAF932 lol


push pull setups on those slim rads are great btw man so if you do get a HAF932 instead of getting another rad, get some more screws and some more yate loons it should also be cheaper than buying a new rad.


looking good mate I have those VGA blocks quite good! they look hot with LED's in them!

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Yeah finding pics of this card was impossible... the only pics of the card without the heatsink assembly that are on the net to my knowledge are the couple I uploaded to photobucket :P


The only things that had pads were the ram.. I bought a couple of strips of this stuff to try: http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...roducts_id=4712. Will be interesting to see the results.


Gonna order me a HAF932 this week and see how I go with the current stealth rad.

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Sorry for posting on an old thread but is it possible to see a pic of your finished card? I'm about to watercool the same model 6970 and have been chasing down a full cover waterblock for awhile as i didn't want to have to use ramsinks but looks like thats what im going to have to do.

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