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Hands free music controll app

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Howdy all!


So, I have a sgs1 and a sgTab(original). Currently both on 2.2.


I have also started driving as opposed to walking and listening to music. I like music. it is nice. I also have a fm transmitter to send music to the in-car stereo.


I dont like having to take my eyes off the road to fumble for a hardware button and then locate a touchscreen button 5mm^2 to change tracks to something that better matches my mood.


The only safe option I can think of here is a hands free, voice activated music player.



So, I want to be able to do something like this while traveling down the highway at 107km/h:


me: Computer!

android: yes captain? (or similar responce... or a beep, but beeps suck)

me: play <artist name>

android: *music of said artist plays.*


and all the other functions.. pause, play, next/prev random.


Also, I dont want to have to touch the device at all to do all of this. it'd be apita if someone loaded strawberry kisses into my device and it starts playing during heavy rain with 3 bastards tailgating me with highbeams on.


I dont use my tab enough so i'd like it to be the device of choice. :)


Any suggestions?

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Yeah.. needs touching, which i want to avoid.. Seems I may have to combine vlingo and a screen locking app to keep the screen active... which is what i didnt want to happen.. :(

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Perhaps the problem is not so much the buttons, but their location. Fumbling for buttons in traffic is bad, you need to know exactly where they are without looking.


I wonder if there's such a thing as a numeric keypad that can connect via Bluetooth, you could mount that somewhere handy on your dashboard, and programme up your media player to respond to those keys. That or if your device has USB host capability, use that.


I've got a similar problem using the radio on the bicycle. In fact, fumbling around for buttons is highly dangerous in traffic in my case, as my steering will be more unsteady one-handed. My solution: Most of the radios I use have a remote capability on the hand-microphone. In the case of the Yaesu FT-290RII and the Kenwood TH-F7E, both have up/down buttons for changing channels (on the Kenwood, they're programmable). The Yaesu FT-8[159]7 have up/down and a third "fast tuning" button on the handmic.


The solution for me was to mount a small panel on the handlebars, one button for PTT, and four direction buttons:


Posted Image


At the moment, none of my radios use the "left" direction button, but a homebrew set that I build, might. Up/down go up and down in frequency, and on the FT-897D, pressing the right-hand button toggles "fast" mode, or holding it down powers the radio on/off.


The buttons could equally be used to control a media player, e.g. "PTT" becomes play/pause, left/right becomes prev/next track (or seek), up/down becomes prev/next album, etc. Something like that, positioned close to, but out of the way of your usual vehicular controls might do the trick for you.

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the car, a 2001 falcon has buttons on the steeringwheel for the radio.. fantastic! unfortunatly ford didnt have th foresight to install an addroid dock. Galaxy tab runs 2.2... no usb access.

Nice idea tho.. :)


Now I think i'm looking for a "always listening" contoll app that'll integrate with the music player.

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Makes me wonder why these companies don't expose those buttons via some interface for end user purposes. You'd think exposing those as a Bluetooth device and having a plug-in that can be installed in your media player of choice to enable control from those buttons would be a hit with some drivers.

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