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Need help overclocking a Q6600

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Hey guys, i've started playing RIFT, which is a huge step up from WoW, basically comparing a tricycle to a Harley in regards to GPU and CPU intensity.


So i want to try and overclock my CPU. Never done it, complete noob, have no idea what i'm talking about, would rather go buy some new parts. Alas, i haven't got the money.


Soooo, i need the most basic of explanations on how to overclock my CPU. Dot point form. Little words. Crayon.






Posted Image


Help? =[

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its pretty easy, basically I'd suggest you take it in baby steps trying for something like a 50% overclock straight away probably isn't going to happen until you get better cooling and learn a little more, I am a bit rusty on socket 775 overclocking but it goes something like this for an average overclock:


I'd suggest you get CPU-Z to monitor clock speed, voltage (vcore) and get realtemp or coretemp to monitor temps (anything over about 85degrees under full load is starting to get bad, others will say you need under 60 blah blah blah but on a stock cooled chip its just not going to happen)


without knowing what stepping your chip is (B3 is the first series G0 is the second one which clocks better) for 2.7GHZ which should be safe you can use these settings.

-set FSB (front side bus) to ~300

-set CPU multiplier to 9x

-set memory speed/multiplier to 1 level lower (say its default speed is 800mhz overclocking the FSB is going to increase that so you want to set it lower as to make it within normal parameters again)

-disable any power saving options


now that should work, don't touch any voltages until you get the basics down pat, remember rome wasn't built in a day :D


now you need to stress test a new overclock I would suggest Prime 95 for a few hours and watch the temps for the first 10mins or so and make sure they stay below about 85, its going to get fairly warm but touch wood most processors these days cut out before doing any heat related damage to themselves.


if you get a better aircooler (CM hyper 212+ for about $35) you can overclock it a lot further up to about 3.6ghz would not be out of the question if its a G0 stepping, if its a b3 don't expect more than about 2.9-3.1ghz


hope this helps, the best thing to do is read some in depth guides as well so you know what you are changing.

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Thanks very much for the info, i'll go read some more, and hopefully it will all click =]

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I am still using a q6600 running at about 3.4-3.6 at the moment i cant remember exactly.


good advice above and as suggested get cpu-z and coretemp to keep an eye on each core, and cpu-z will tell ur more about your cpu so if you get stuck post a screenshot of that info.


- are you using the stock intel cooler or do you have an aftermarket cooler?

- do you know the speed of your ram? this may hold you back a bit


Unless you have a decent cooler, I wouldn't try to go much above 3.4GHz but keep an eye on your temps and see how you do.


If your ram is ddr2-800 or ddr2-1066 then you will be fine, change your settings to something like multiplier 8x and FSB 400 (safe 3.2ghz clock) and watch temps. if all good, change to 8x425 and if all good, 8x430 etc.. or if your ram craps out or is only ddr2-667 then try 9*300 = 2.7ghz (as above) then 9*320 and 9*325 etc. slowly working your way up.


If you do this, and leave voltages on auto, you should probably get 3.2-3.4ghz without too much effort. Don't expect much more though unless your prepared to play with voltages, learn a little more and invest in a good cooler. You may also get lucky and have a really good overclocker.


I thought mine was pretty good actually, I can POST at 4.0ghz but not really stable. I think my ram is holding me back as it is ddr2-667 :(


i am no expert but hope this helps

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Was my advice not good enough?!


Nah I barely remembered myself, definitely a good idea to ask others. But there are heaps of beginners guides to overclocking, and the Core 2 chips were very popular for overclocking. If you're finding the advise here isn't detailed enough, just follow one of those step by step.

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