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XSPC RS240 Water cooling kit help

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So, with my Tax return burning a hole in my pocket, I have decided to do a complete system overhaul. And with that, I am going to take the leap to water cooling with the imminent release of Bulldozer.


I've heard good things about the XSPC kits, so I'm thinking that may be a good starting point, but there are a few details I need help getting my head around.


First thing is coolant. I realise that both the rad and waterblock are copper, so I don't need a corrosion inhibitor additive, but do I need use an additive to stop algae growing in my loop?


Next up: can I use tap water in it, or will I have to use distilled water?


Thirdly: I assume the loop is setup as such: waterblock -> reservoir/pump -> radiator -> waterblock?


Lastly: with regards to fans, is it better to have the fans blow into the radiator, or suck air out of it? I will be using either Scythe Ultra Kaze, or Noctua NF-P12 fans, so air pressure isn't an issue.


Any other tips and advice would be great! Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the WC club. My first foray into WC'ing was a Swiftech kit so it's a good way to jump your first hurdle so to speak, although custom setups rule.


Never use tap water, all the nasties added to tap water will bugger your loop only use distilled water and some silver for a biocide, additives require constant re-adding, the advantage of silver is it doesn't need replacing and it's effects

only get stronger over time


Loop order doesn't really matter in the big scheme of things as long as your reservoir feeds into your pump first, but your bay reservoir also holds the pump (I have the same one) and it makes setup less complicated. My loop order goes Res/Pump>Rad>Block>Rad>Res/Pump


By the looks of it your radiator has a low FPI (Fins Per Inch) count so your fans will work better in a pull scenario (even better with a shroud). Higher CFM fans like the Ultra Kazes work better with high FPI Rads and in a push scenario,

so the Noctuas will be a better fit, and less noisy. At full tilt my Ultras sound like a jet engine taking off.


Anyhoo hope this helps

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