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help me overclock my A64

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I'd like some help with overclocking. I figured I might as well get as much speed as I can out of this CPU. I haven't got much to lose.


I have an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ CPU (Venice, socket 939, 90 nm, 2.2GHz), an Abit Fatal1ty AN8 motherboard with the latest BIOS, OCZ 2 x 1 GB PC3200 / 200MHz RAM.


I'm using a stock dual core Opteron HSF which looks alright. Just sitting here typing this, CPU temperature is reported at ~27.


I get how to overclock my Core 2 Duo, but I don't understand how to overclock my Athlon 64.


In the BIOS, in a section called "OC Guru" there are some things you can modify:

* "CPU Operating Speed" (I am pretty sure I should set this to "User Define")

* - "External Clock" (@ 200 MHz)

* - "Multiplier Factor" (x11.0)

* - "PCIE Clock" (100 MHz)


What do I do?



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I had a 939 3200+ that overclocked fairly well, but I had crap ram and a stock cooler, so I could never do much with it. I can't remember the specifics of how to overclock them though. This guide seems like it has all the info you need:




Man, we've got it good nowadays only changing one setting, then adding voltage accordingly...

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My old 2.2ghtz 3500+ went to 2.6ghtz before BSOD'ing on me, brought her back to 2.48ghtz and she was sweet, 31*c idle at the time, load I cant remember but was acceptable, all with stock cooling.

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