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Overclocking on Gigabyte-z68XP-UD4 with i5-2500k

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issue1: Im currently have problems getting 8gb of ram stable at 1866/2133mhz speeds, Both sets of ram are stable at 1866 8-10-8-28 1T @ 1.65v and 2133 @ 9-11-9-30 1T by themselves (passes 20runs of linpack/prime), but as soon as i put them all in together, i get problems galore and its starting to annoy me.


issue2: Throttling, why cant you disable it, i dont want the cpu idling @ 1.6ghz, i want it 4.5ghz 24/7..... ive noticed during games it will randomly throttle down to 1.6ghz when i alt-tab to the desktop.


all the following are set to disabled: c1E, c3/c6, cpu thermal monitor, cpu EIST function, Bi-Directional PROCHOT. So theoretically, if the BIOS says there all disabled, it shouldn't be dropping down 1.6ghz when cpu% is less then 5% and then shoot back up to 4.5ghz when cpu% goes above 20% right? (max cpu temp is 62°c)




so, Bios settings as follows:

QPI/VTT = 1.2v min needed to boot with 4Dimms, currently running at 1.3v which gives about 4hours~ of stability in games, benchmarks/stablity testing programs on the otherhand fail if they use more then 4gb ram, however multiple instances using 2-3gb of ram each dont fail at all...


Memory multi = 18.66/21.33 (which when booted equals 1872mhz or 2143mhz cause gigabyte wont give you a perfect 100mhz, they give you 100.3mhz min instead)


DRAM volts = 1.65v (when booted its actually 1.68v)



intel i5-2500k @ 4.5ghz

Gigabyte z68XP-UD4 = F3 Bios

Mushkin radioactive 996958 DDR3 1600mhz 6-8-6-24 1T 1.65v (2x2gb kit, in slots 2/4)

Mushkin ridgeback 998826 DDR3 1600mhz 6-8-6-24 1T 1.65v (3x2gb kit, in slots 1/3 with 1 left over spare)


Ive tried flashing the F3 bios a few times, clearing the bios settings, loading failsafe defaults, loading optimized defaults, save and exit then reenter all the settings again, every 1/10 reboots and i lose the CPU OC (it boots up at 3.3ghz, then reboot again and its back at 4.5ghz) but not the ram OC.


there is a beta bios out now, F4F but as far as i can tell, it only updates support for the audio codec, which i dont use and have disabled (im using a xfi)


thoughts anyone?

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Make sure you disable all the power saving stuff in Power Options, set it to minimum CPU speed 100%. If you've installed any additional Gigabyte software, uninstall it. I know my Asus board came with a bunch of power-saving stuff I never used.

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Dunno why wouldn't want the throttling turned on, its fantastic, 1.6ghz @ .96v is great, anyway, I had all those options you mentioned turned ON and it wouldn't throttle it, realised I had to set it in power saving in windows, so the reverse is probably true too, put high performance on :)

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@harmonic, All the relevant power options are set to disabled.


@philo, Speedstep = cpu EIST i think, which is also disabled.


@dasa, thanks for the links, but its nothing i didnt already read, ive done a tonne of research already, hence i have QPIVTT @ 1.3v, might try it alittle higher and see what happens, ive noticed its a major source of heat though, dropping it to 1.2v = 5°c temp drop, so i might back cpu speed down to 4.3ghz and try higher volts to see if it makes it more stable.


@nuke, i double checked the power options, its on high performance, but its a slightly modified HP plan, ive set core parking to disabled via reg hack, i dont think it would have an effect, i rechecked the reg keys, values are still the same since i last modified them.


Having all the power saving features disabled means a slightly faster response times, and generally a faster overall experience, and power usage/heat output isnt a problem for me, so i dont see a need to have them enabled in return for the benifits it provides (ie lower power bill).

Alot of those articles on Sandybridge overclocking say that memory speed really doesn't matter as much as it use to, but in a few apps i use, there is noticeable enough difference that im chasing stability (mainly 2pass video encoding @max quality settings), if i cant get it reasonably stable, then ill bite the bullet and buy a 2x4gb kit.

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