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Best online store for electronic components?

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Hi all,


I've finally bitten the bullet and purchased myself an Arduino clone (a Freetronics Eleven, http://www.freetronics.com/products/eleven), along with a breadboard and a basic kit of components (http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/arduino-s...-kit-p-775.html).


I'm now in the process of checking out projects I'd be interested in building and am putting together a list of extra components I'll want to have on hand.


The last time I was dabbling in electronics was a long, long time ago, and I was picking up my bits and pieces from the local Dick Smith. Obviously they're not much help anymore, plus I'd much rather buy online as it's much more convenient.


So tell me, who is the best online store for electronic components?


The criteria being (in order):

1. Price

2. Shipping costs

3. Website usability/functionality (eg. Jaycar's website sucks balls)

4. Customer service/support






Update: Fixed links

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Sorry, I can't help you, but:


"Oh Dear, looks like the page you are looking for may have been moved."


...is the message I get from your link.


Hopefully someone else can give you some useful information!

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You could try Altronics or Oatley Electronics



haven't used them in ages though so not sure on range, price etc.

There is also World Wide Electronic Components


He is a one man show enthusiast as far as I know, but the couple of times I have got bits from him seemed ok.

Website is pretty basic, but the pdf catalogue and WW catalogue (need to install a small executable) seem to be ok.

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Radio spares if you need the unusual - bit pricey but good stuff.




wwww.radioparts.com.au - been dealing with them for well over a decade - get a VIP account, costs nothing any more - may be twenty bucks first year - well worth it - great bunch of guys.


Hope that helps :)



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Thanks everyone.


I ended up going to Jaycar today simply because there was stuff I needed stuff for tomorrow, and couldn't get to Radioparts before they closed. Kind of regretted it as it cost a bit more than I was expecting.


I'll give some of these online stores a try for upcoming projects and will let everyone know how I went.


I do have to say I was impressed with Australian Robotics ( http://www.australianrobotics.com.au )though, for the purchase of my Arduino and a few other bits a pieces (including a 'dinged' up book for $10, which was in close to perfect condition!). Prices were okay, but shipping was extremely quick (ordered on a Saturday, got a confirmation on Sunday to say it was picked and packed, and had it Tuesday morning via Express Post) and their website was one of the better ones I've come across.

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