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OClocking e8400 asus p5q3 ddr3

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I have had a Core 2 duo e8400 3.0 ghz for a few years now always intending to overclock and have finally decided too.


I used this Guide:



So i changed the Multiplier to 9 and the core to 400mhz.


PC rebooted checked bios and it said it was running 3.6ghz


Went into windows DL CPUID and it says multplier is 6 and core 400. But the core speed window in CPUID keeps jumping from 2400 to 3600mhz every now and then? Why the disgression between the bios and the CPU-Z


Also, the above guide is for DDR2, i bought a P5Q3 that supported DDR3.... so im not sure how to handle overclocking with DDR3....


Any input welcome.



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Ok i just set it all back to normal in bios and in CPU-z it has the clock speed going from 1999 to 2999 what is whit that? does that have something to do with the 2 cores?


ALso the Multiplier changes....the 1999 is 6x and the 2999 is 9x


Im a little confused.

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have you Dissabled speedstep and eist?


What is that? i suppose i look for that option in the bios yeh?

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MB manual says i have Speedstep option in BIOs but it is not in the bios when i look for it where it should be.


I thought it might have been CPU TM Function and i disabled that but it made no diffrence.


Can not see option for eist.




Ok i worked it out, have to disable C1E support to prevent it from stepping back the clock speed on halt/rest.


All good now. Thanks.

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