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Typed out my story ready, go to the competitions page ready to upload and.. its not there!?


Look down at clock. 12:28 AM 5 Oct





So devestated...


Well heres my story for those interested anyway.


Lord Argotha's axe lay broken on the ground. Shattered by the ferocity of a space marine's chainsword but such is battle, and the thrill of dancing the fine line was more than enough to make up for it. There is nothing more sweet that to smile inches away from your enemies face when they realise they have lost. The smell of burning ceramic plates and flesh are rather characteristic of a plasma pistol tearing through a space marine’s stomach.

Having rendered the space marine useless, praised the gods as he used the marines own weapon to rip his soul from its dying body and bind it in a state of eternal agony to the lords new weapon of choice.


"You seriously expect me to believe that rubbish?! You're an IT student in the 21st century.. Not some chaos lord from the 41st millennium..." I just smiled back, feigning that I had indeed tried to trick him with an obvious lie. I kept stroking the fine blade knowing that he would his just be another of countless souls to be trapped within the false emperor's defiled weapon...

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It was up for a month, dude!

I know! I know!


I'm just one of those people who get easily, ooh shiny!, distracted. And have a habit of starting many thigns and never truly fiihsing them off.

(Like the open reply I have to Dan's article about file extentions)


So this time I make sure I finish it off, fix it up and D:


Guess this is what you old people refer to as learning the hard way :P

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Heretics, even in the heart of Imperial territory. The minions of Chaos always have trouble with dates being they spend most of their time in the Eye of Terror and are generally distracted by fighting amongst themselves :P

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