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overclocking intel q8200

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ok so basically dad had this computer put together for him, and it has an asus p5qle motherboard and an intel quad core q8200, and it was overclocked pretty high. (i saw it say somewhere at about 5 ghz but i have no idea if this is either possible or true)

something went wrong with it and it wouldnt work, so in the end I had to reset the CMOS, which undid all the overclock settings. what im asking is would it be a good idea to try and re overclock it, and to what levels, keeping in mind that I have basically no experience with overclocking :P


if you need the specs this is what I could find:

MB: Asus P5QL-E

CPU: intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 @ 2.33ghz

Ram: 4gb(2x2) Corsair XMS2 ddr2

GPU: eah4850 512 mb (i think, not really sure coz i couldnt find the original packaging, just looked at the sticker on the card)

PSU/case: Antec earthwatts 500W/Antec sonata (again not really sure)


i think thats all you need but yeah any help would be greatly appreciated

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Short answer is if he does not need it over clocked then no. If he is gaming then maybe yes, although the 4850 has reached its use by date which is why I replaced mine with a 6950. :)


Oh and this should be in over clocking, so it will be moved shortly.

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woops sorry for the wrong section post thing, how can you move it?

No problems, sweetheart - and to answer your question, if you want to have something moved, hit the !REPORT button on the bottom of a post and report it to the mods :-) We'll take it from there :-)

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