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Yet another VMWare question

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Hey guys,


Several staff in our office on Tuesday reported their time on their Virtual Machine didn't adjust to the daylight saving time. Tried troubleshooting the situation and found all those user's fat client (the PC where VMWare is running on) the time wasn't right as well. I adjusted both time on both the fat client and the Virtual Machine and thought it was a case close. Until the next day where the same users called back saying the time has reverted back again. On the Virtual Machine, when I type in 'net time' in the command prompt it tells me:


Current time at \\(server name) is 10/9/2011 9:32

Local time (GMT+11:00) at \\(same server name) is 10/9/2011 10:32


I've checked the computer CMOS time and is correct however it still wouldn't synch with Virtual Machines time.


Anyone got any suggestions?

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