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Sennheiser PX 360 Collapsible Headphones

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On the off chance an atomican has had the opportunity to listen to these headphones, I would love some further feedback, please.


I have managed to try some on, but no audio experience :(


I am sorely tempted to purchase, but any more info than I've managed to dig up so far would be appreciated




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They are impressive. I bought them only for gaming but they still are excellent with music and movies.

I still put my AKG's on though when I am just listening to music, but those are built purely for Audio so its horses for courses really.


Nice review here though check it out.



Hi, thanks for the reply...but those are not the 'phones I am looking for :(


(The ones I am interested in are the PX 360s...not the PCs you linked to...although those do look nice...)

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Just to clarify, these are the ones I am looking at.


I don't know about the PC 360s, but I think they have different purposes apart from anything.


I asked the guys at headphone.com if they were doing a review soon and it turned out they are- like within 7-10 days


I asked over at headphones.com.au but didn't get much response as yet...well, people were able to suggest other suitable 'phones, but no experience with the PX 360s :(

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