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Which SSD setup?

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Im looking at purchasing SSD drive(s)


Prices quoted from PCCG


Which option?


1 - SSD on its own OCZ Agility 3 240 GB $439

2 - SSD on its own OCZ Vertex 3 240GB $519

3 - SSD Raid0 using 2 x OCZ Agility 3 120GB $398


Im leaning towards option 3 simply cause its cheaper and will have excellent performance


If RAID is not a good idea then please tell me why? Cause of TRIM?


Thanks guys

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I would go with the single Vertex 3.


An issue with SSD's in raid is that TRIM doesnt work properly. Not a good thing in my opinion. ALSO the single 240GB drive does run faster than a single 120Gb drive.


Note that you will need to upgrade the Firmware on the SSD before installing windows etc. After that you will be able to use an OCZ tool and update within windows. You should also see if your motherboard has a chipset update.


Be warned - some people are experiencing issues with current SATA 3 SSD's across all the brands (though OCZ do seem to be copping the brunt of it) - it seems to be a combination of the SSD controller and/or the SATA 3 chipset on some motherboards - people have had anecdottaly more issues with the Intel SATA 3 driver rather than the Marvel driver but the Marvel driver is also apparently less stable and not as effective.


So do some home work first.


Personally I wouldnt get a SATA 3 SSD at the moment - I would get a SATA 2 SSD - you wont really notice any speed difefrence, they are cheaper, AND are now a stable product.

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