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How do you keep yourself motivated?

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Actually, it's not the caffeine that's the major active in Jack3d, but the 1,3-DMAA, a known CNS Stimulant. Far more useful than Caffeine, but also seems to put a large strain on (my) cardiovascular system. Often used in "legal highs" as well, just FYI. It certainly works as a pick me up, but be careful, it feels subjectively like it affects your adrenaline system more than your serotonin system (hence why it'd be useful for workouts), so it can feel somewhat uncomfortable at times.

You should, by this time, be well aware of the benefits of working out with caffeine. This is the primary stimulant in Jack3d.

From jack-3d's own website :p


anyhoo jack3d does sound like it does the job for people using it and that energy boost can really help training, particularly heavy weights.


hehe I'm actually interested in testing this now, if only because my favourite supplement actually says the following, which sounds like it's specifically taking aim at Jack-3d

For the record, Urban Muscle are disgusted in the willingness of other supplement companies to jump on the caffeine/1,3-dimethylamylamine bandwagon for a cheap, worthless short term buzz to sell their weak products.

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Yeah, i think it is banned here. I recently received a stack from the states and did a shitload of research on it before importing it. Everything I was reading indicated that Yohimbine (and variants of spelling) were banned. My products, however, were legal.


They were held up by customs for a day and required an invoice as well as a printout of all the ingredients and quantities before they'd release it.


And yeah, a full dose of Jack3d can make you feel pretty uncomfortable if you don't ease into it. I remember the first time I loaded up on a full dose without working up to it, i felt disgraceful. I just had this uneasy feeling that it was all too much and I just wanted it to stop. Plus, it has the same effect as caffeine on your body - you end up doing a monster shit and pissing every 15 minutes. It can be a problem as I drink around 4l of water a day, so on training days I back off a bit, and then double my hydration during the actual session.


When I eased back up to it, it was fine. I still get the crawling skin, and the slight agitation, but that wears off as soon as I start training (i take it 45 mins before training for maximum effect). Tonight I outperformed many of my gym mates, and I'm only 3 or 4 sessions in after being off for 8 weeks with a knee injury (and therefore, doing no cardio in my down time).


I'm knackered now tho, which is perfect... Bed time!


Sounds like what my body does too. I'll give it a go as the store down the road has it for about $40 which seems cheap even by online standards. I'll also check out the other stuff kikz



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Yes cudos for the serenity reference.


ChrisG: Yeah i've seen too many friends of the family have issues and it spiral rapidly after being prescribed antidepressants.


I'm going to give the Vitamins + vit D ago (I don't see much sunlight so that should make a difference to something at least).


Along with St johns-wort and ginko... give that about a month and if not will look at some other changes.

Just be on the lookout for liver damage. Earliest warning is likely to be nausea.

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Check this site out.




I'm a mental health professional BTW



I just scored 20, and today I am feeling better than I have felt for a while. Life's been a bit tough for the last six months.


woo I win I got a higher score then you......which reminds me I need to call my GP and get him to refer me to someone (something I've been lacking motivation to go do -_-' )


Im not about to head to a doctor for this, I just dont think its that simple. I'm in a pretty stressful situation by choice, out of my home ground, and I think anyone in my position would be feeling a degree of stress.


Its also a matter of awareness. I think everyone has a metaphorical sewer inside. Some people have more sensitive noses, or feel that the lid needs lifting every now and then, while others, I daresay most, keep the hole covered as well as they can.

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Interesting replies here.


According to replies and links, I'm very depressed. I've thought I am for quite some time.


I wonder if I should see someone about it, though, would it make a difference if I did anything about it?


This actually reminded me to check my appointments and it turns out TODAY I have an appointment with a learning disability person. Amazing.

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