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[PC] Team Fortress 2 - Halloween Update

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Halloween 2011 Event


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Let us be frank with you: Last year's special was pretty darn terrifying, even by our impossibly high standard of scary. To cite just one example: Dracula was taken to the hospital after witnessing just the loading screen of last year's update. That's not Terry Dracula your greengrocer, either. This is the Dracula we’re talking about. And if it scared Dracula, who eats ghosts and craps Frankensteins, we shudder to imagine what it must have done to you.


As an apology, we’re debating taking all of the scares out of this year's Halloween Special. For instance, one playtester thought the Pyro was a little scary, so we’ll probably remove him as a class. Someone else swore he remembered reading something about somebody getting hurt by a gun once. And that sounded scary. So probably no more guns, either. Then Dracula called from the hospital. "Hey guys," he said, "hats are pretty scary." Well, now, that must have been the morphine talking. So we’re adding more hats just to be safe.


Long story short, we guarantee you that nothing's going to scare you this year. There will be no ENORMOUS HAUNTED EYEBALL to terrorize you around an island filled with tons of SECRET LOOT, and a GIANT SKULL! There will be approximately zero percent chance of you getting your trembling hands on a spooky costume FOR EVERY CLASS! And we certainly wouldn't DRAMATIZE THE BACKSTORY of this hypothetical scary update with a FEAR-CHOKED TERROR-COMIC!


No, dear reader, we wouldn't do any of these things. Why? Because we're MUMMIES! Mummies can't make updates, we live in pyramids! What are you, insane? For the answer to that question, keep reading:




* You went insane back in the second paragraph! YOU actually wrote this blog post! The only thing that isn't a figment of your imagination is THIS UPDATE! TWIST FOOTNOTE!


- Viaduct has been haunted and is now... Eyeaduct!

- One full multi-piece costume set has been added for each class

- Random gifts containing costume pieces drop in Eyeaduct on registered servers

- 2 new Halloween 2011 achievements

- Any unusual hats uncrated during the event will be Halloween-themed

- New Halloween-themed items are available in the Mann Co. store, but only for a limited time!

- Updated effects for The Cow Mangler 5000

- Updated in-game abuse reporting tool to include option for reporting abusive game servers

- Added mapcycle_halloween containing all Halloween event maps

- Fixed team colors and styles not updating properly in store previews

- Fixed bug in reputation trend status display for registered servers

- Fixed a problem that could cause repeated stutters after joining a server

- Fixed the Spine-Chilling Skull not appearing when equipped by soldiers

- New Halloween-themed community-created items submitted to the Workshop are now available in the Mann Co. store!

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anyone want me to play, send me an invite k...


too tired to play tonight, might play a bit tomorrow.

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