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Help needed with recording audio for a cast

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Hey people


I have a bit of a random one I need some help with, anyone who can point me in the right direction will have my eternal gratitude


I have previously used xsplit for both streaming casts and doing local recordings that can be uploaded later in higher quality but my machine isn't powerful enough to play the game I am recording (Team Fortress 2) and record a high quality HD clip locally at the same time.


To get around this issue I have obtained bandicam - an excellent recording program with an extremely low overhead that allows me to record high resolution high bitrate video while I cast live without a drop in fps for the recording or the game itself.


My issue is sound, I really need to record both my co-caster and myself talking while it is recording live (I hate casts where the video is done first and the casters then cast a video, it doesn't capture the action at all) but the only way I can do this in bandicam is to set 'listen to this device' in my microphone settings (USB headset if that makes a difference) and that of course means I am talking over myself in realtime.


I can set bandicam to record two audio sources so I was wondering if it possible to add a program output or similar as a windows audio device or something similar and set bandicam to record it?


This issue is driving me up the wall so any help would be appreciated

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So you cant set it to record through your sound card, only direct from your microphone?


If you can somehow do it, just get him in Vent/Teamspeak/mumble/Skype.

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