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G2411HD VS G2420HD

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I've been looking at getting a dual monitor setup to go with my new box, my current screen is a G2411HD, now I'm trying to figure out whether i should buy two G2420HDs and give my 2411 away, or if i can get one 2420 and use it concurrently with my 2411 (with no noticable difference in quality or specification).


I guess my questions are, firstly, what is the difference between the two, and secondly, can i get away with 1 2411 and 2420 side by side, or will it be noticable enough that i should replace the 11 with a 20 too?


EDIT: I should add, since the 2411 has now ceased production, i'm looking for an excuse to only get away with having 1 new screen, rather then 2. I'd like to sve at least _some_ money from this new build!

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