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HIS 6570. Need a smaller HS & FAN

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Hey guys,


I acquired a Dell Optiplex 980 recently and I wanted to use it as a media centre. I bought a HIS 6570 to put in there for the HDMI port for connecting to my Sony Muteki and for some light gaming. I bought the HIS 6570 because it had a passive cooler and came with a low profile plate etc. Unfortunately the HIS 6570 comes with the a giant HS, which makes it unable to close the case on the Dell.


I had two options MOD the HS which meant that I would lose over half of it or getting a smaller HS with a fan. Seeing as though the card gets pretty hot, I assume that it using the sheer surface area to distribute the heat I think the HS & FAN is probably the safest way to go.


Does anyone have this card and done a similar mod? Anyone have any ideas?


I currently have it in but with the case side just resting on top. Because the case has contact with the HS it is really hot as well. lol.





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