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Another Sound thang!

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I looked through the thread and now I see what you mean Logic'...........the forces are many...............................all be it, poorly armed :P


bu14-1, I think that person was referring to feature movies, with these the visuals come first and audio quality will be sacrificed to retain the quality of the visual, most notably with features that rely on visuals like the action genre. It's very possible they just don't see the audio side as worth the attention in most cases, I would hazard to guess that more production houses are noting the importance of audio quality these days but it is still very much neglected.

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Better quality speakers will only make MP3's sound even worse than the horrendous abomination that they already are.


There is no way to improve an MP3 track other than deleting it.


Damn my highly trained ears for that, DAMN them.


I can only ever buy redbook CD's and even then, the engineers who make them sometimes ruin the original recording with evil dynamic compression.


My system highlights ANY badly recorded sound and it makes finding good recordings extremely important.

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If you want the best reproduction in sound, dont channel it through your computer, it just makes it sound bad. No matter what you do with it, the very fact that youve channelled it through your computer, changes things. All that electronic interference going through a typical computer can do that to a signal.



firstly, you might be using digital outs from your mobo/card, in which case your whole box aint doing diddly to the sound.


if youre using digital CD/DVD drive outs or playing back files from HDD, and you dont have a substandard mobo/card and shitty connections, no significant degradation is going to occur between the mobo/card's analogue-to-digital conversion and your speakers


if youre using analogue CD/DVD outs there is a higher risk of adding noticeable noise


other than that, if you mean somehow 'channelling' sound through a computer via anlogue line-in, that perhaps would make it sound 'bad'.

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