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Can someone explain to me what the GTX600 series is at the core level. What is it based off? Is it Kepler? Tesla?

Kepler is the architecture, gefore and geforce tesla are just marketing names afaik.

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The two architectures in play are Kepler and Fermi. Tesla is branding name for workstation cards (a holdover from the GTX 200 series 'Tesla' architecture, which was the gen of 'compute' cards Nvidia offered).


As gamble says, some lower end 600 series cards use the older Fermi core (GT 610, 620 & 630 as well as some mobile units). The GTX 680, GTX 670, GT 640 and probably the upcoming '650 & '660) use the new Kepler core. Kepler being a much evolved (28nm) descendant of Fermi. Anandtech put it well:


"Kepler brings with it some very important architectural changes compared to Fermi, but at the same time it’s still undeniably Fermi. From a high level overview Kepler is identical to Fermi: it’s still organized into CUDA cores, SMs, and GPCs, and how warps are executed has not significantly changed... After doubling the size of the functional units in a SM, NVIDIA then doubled the number of functional units in each SM in order to grow the performance of the SM itself. 3 groups of CUDA cores became 6 groups of CUDA cores, 2 groups of load/store units, 16 texture units, etc. At the same time, with twice as many functional units NVIDIA also doubled the other execution resources, with 2 warp schedulers becoming 4 warp schedulers, and the register file being doubled from 32K entries to 64K entries."

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In case someone is interested, this was for about 30mins maps. BF3 MP maxed out with latest drivers 301.42 and latest 2gb game patch running at 1200c/6800m, max temp 67c. Temp would stay around that and the fan was matching temp at 67%. Power limit got up to 120% but usually sits around 114-116% when playing.


Gulf of Oman:

2012-06-08 22:35:47 - bf3

Frames: 147173 - Time: 1815774ms - Avg: 81.052 - Min: 37 - Max: 169


Grand Bazaar:

2012-06-08 23:07:15 - bf3

Frames: 139267 - Time: 1805181ms - Avg: 77.148 - Min: 37 - Max: 179


Sharqi Penisula:

2012-06-08 23:41:21 - bf3

Frames: 135426 - Time: 1774480ms - Avg: 76.319 - Min: 36 - Max: 191

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