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First Time Overclocking

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Hi all

I just overclocked my Core i7 950 to 3.8ghz and it's running Prime 95 at the moment and it seems to be stable. I am wanting to make sure the settings below are ok, especially the voltages.

BIOS Settings

CPU Clock Ratio: 19x
BCLK: 200
Uncore Clock Ratio: x16
SPD: 8
Memory Frequency: 1600
Vcore: 1.25v
QPI/VTT: 1.375v
All other voltages set to auto
Hyper Threading, Turbo Boost and power saving features disabled

Can anyone tell me whether these settings are ok? Any advice is much appreciated. Edited by hutchpe

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Yeah its seems about right. If your happy with 3.8 and its stable, good stuff. If you can, or haven't already, try and grab something that will give you some temp readings. A bay device of some sort is always helpful. Also if you are pushing things, remember today it might be 20c ambient temp in your house, next week it might be 33c or 45c ambient temp in your house and you can sometimes find this causes issues if you've clocked it to the max. Hence why its always good to have something to tell you what sort of temps your getting. I always find my ceiling and then back it off some just to be safe.

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