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New Amplifier/Receiver

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Looking for an Amplifier, going to go Digital out from computer and use amp for processing sound e.t.c.


Dont play that many games where direction is important. Needs decent music reproduction.


It would be good if it had HDMI for 360 :)


Looking to spend maxish 600 AUD.


Music Source now a days is mostly FLAC, still got some V0 but 90% FLAC.

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How about a pair of amplified speakers than an amp? I have been looking at Behringer MS40 monitor speakers (http://www.behringer.com/ms40/index.cfm?lang=ENG) for my digital piano playing and recording but I haven't decided yet because I am not sure if I should get something better. The MS40 has got analog inputs as well as digital (optical and coaxial) inputs, a headphone jack in front, 24-bit/192kHz D/A converters, individual volume controls for both inputs and treble and bass controls. They are about $239 for a pair from cranbourne music shop.


Edirol MA-15D is a very similar product (but less watts but with a Bass Enhancer function) and they are about $210 from Billy Hyde music shop or VideoGuys Australia.


Note: even though they are being advertised as "monitor speakers' they are not truely "reference monitors". That said, they are a step up from your usual consumer PC speakers.




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anything rom the Yamaha range will be good, and most have the features you want.


Decide where you wanna buy from and look at the yamaha range. Im a fan.


Though i also like sony, despite people thinking they 'sound different' i enjoy their sound.

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