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Unhappy With Bigpond Default Cable Modem

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Firstly I'd just like to point out that I'm not a whirlpool member or have any innate knowledge of modems and routers. If you think I should just post there, let me know and I will.


I have a Netgear CGD24N, (cable modem), which I got when I signed up to Bigpond cable, (signed up recently).


I was loathe to make the switch to cable because I loved my Billion 7800N that I had with TPG ADSL2+. I used to get 20Mb/s+ using it when I lived within sight of the Newmarket exchange; but the fact remains I've purchased a house on the edge of my local exchange's range and even after reading heaps of guides and tweaking the life out of SNR, I could only get around 4.5Mb/s.


So anyway, initially the cable's all hooked up with the new cable modem replacing the 7800N LAN socket for socket, (there's a few unchanged switches down the line but that's kinda irrelevant), and initially I'm super impressed. ~30Mb/s down.


Fast forward a couple of months and I'm actually thinking I've been had; the download speed fluctuates, (but is still better than the 4.5Mb/s I was getting with ADSL2+), but more worrying, I believe the uploads are throttling basic HTTP requests. Basically when torrenting, (as a few of us do like to do), web pages *always* time out, and I believe that this is because I'm limited to 1Mb/s up.


This is a major problem because now the 'boss', (wife; who controls/pays bills), can't even load ebay if one of the 3 relatively heavy users just so happens to have left a torrent in their list.


Yes I know you can cap upload speeds in uTorrent; but to be honest it doesn't seem to make a difference, (and it causes a lot arguments amongst people that live here because then the finger gets pointed but people have long enough to remove torrents before others check).


The CGD24N does not appear to have QoS settings in the interface. Firstly, this surprised me as the specs seem to indicate that it should.


I'd like to know if anyone thinks I should use the 7800N in series with the cable modem to set QoS on HTTP, WoW ports, etc., to help overcome these issues?


I'm prepared to purchase a new cable modem if it has configurable QoS to overcome the throttling issue, just because I think running in series seems inelegant and I could probably sell my 7800N, (haven't yet). FritzBox 6360 maybe, (anyone got any experiences with device and Bigpond)?


Thanks in advance for your opinions.

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You have no choice at all with cable AFAIK. You have to use the supplied modem full stop.

You must cap torrent upload speeds to 80% or less of the max available. This applies to any and every type of internet connection, not just cable. The reason is the torrent programme floods the up bandwidth not leaving any for the upstream acks when trying to access web pages or download anything.

So set max global connections to 100, max connected peers per torrent to 40, upload slots per torrent to 2 and max upload rate to about 80% of what your connection runs at.


However the Netgear is supposed to be pretty crap, but the single port Motorola SB5101 that Bigpond supplied is supposed to be pretty robust.

Some people have managed to hassle Bigpond in to exchanging the Netgear for the Motorola SB5101, worth a try. You then set the Motorola to bridge mode and connect up your own supplied router.

The Netgear can also be set to a sort of bridge mode apparently so you can use a decent router. This is done by logging in to the netgear UI and disabling DHCP, NAT, wireless and the like, then connecting the router to ethernet port one on the Netgear.


However none of that will make any difference if you continue to flood your up speed with incorrectly set torrent settings.

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The 7800N is not much use. The problem with the CGD24N is it's routing function and you can't really get around that using an ADSL Modem/Router.


You also can't easily buy a replacement cable modem as no-one sells them (DSL aplenty, cable none).


Your best bet is getting a decent wireless router (e.g. Netgear WNR3500L), disabling NAT & Wireless on the CGD24N and using the wireless router as the router & for wireless.

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just bite the bullet and upgrade to the cable ultimate plan ($149 + $9.95 postage if you're on an existing bundle) (+$10/m if you're just on a standalone cable plan)


both the supplied Cable 3.0 modems (cisco and netgear) apparently work fine if you use them in bridge mode and use your own reliable router.


I'm hopefully getting my new cable installed next week, but the few people I've talked to have been impressed with the Cable 3.0 plans. (well, eventually, Telstra had to really lay on the customer service in some cases...)


In any case, I'll have a spare SB5101 after next week.

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I'm going to take aliali's advice initially and just try and enforce those settings.


In utorrent they're under the 'Bandwidth' section of preferences/settings.


I will let you know how it goes.


A little annoyed that this problem just appeared with cable though; even with seemingly restrictive ADSL2+ we didn't have any problems of this nature.

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