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full cover water block for GTX580

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hey guys. I'm getting back into watercooling and I've already ran into my first problem.

I can't seem to find a fullcover waterblock to fit the GTX580 UD (3gig) card!!!!!

I purchased an EK block from pccg but it didn't fit. I emailed them and was told that they didn't have any full cover blocks that would fit my card.

I really do need to research alittle bit more, lesson learned.

I've emailed FrozenCPU as they have DD blocks that are compatible with the 1.5gig version, hopefully they fit the 3gig card.

So does anybody know of a block that would fit or any other watercooling shops that i can deal with??


thx in advance


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I think you will find you might not be able to get a full cover block for it. Your probably best of going for a universal black and some individual heatsinks for the memory and VRM's.


Won't look nearly as good, but if you change GPU down the track you wont have to buy new blocks.....

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