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Raid 0 not working

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I recently pulled out all my hdd's 2 verify what was causing my computer to not startup, turns out it was the ram seemed to work after taking out and reinstalling. Anyway since I pulled all the hdd's out it doesn't seem to recognize the proper raid array which was previously setup on the machine.


Basically I had 2 250gb SATA drives in a raid 0 array (not sure if its software or hardware but I had to use the drivers on that came with the motherboard when installing windows for the first time).


So I go into the raid utility manager (ctrl + g) on startup and here are the results I get.


Hard Disk Drive List


Capasity Type


HDD 0 250 GB Non Raid

HDD 1 250 GB Raid Inside


Raid Disk Drive List


Model Name Raid Level Capasity Members (Hddx)


RDD 0 Griad 0 - stripe 500gb Failed 1?



It seems one of my hdd's is not being recognized in raid properly?


Has anyone had this issue before or know a way to solve the issue?


Any help would be much appreciated!



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Sure you plugged the drives back into the same controllers they were previously using?


This is the only suggestion I can make. I don't faff about with RAID 0.

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