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Solving the following problem

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Looking for some help with the following problem, if this is in the wrong section feel free to move it as I am unsure where exactly it should go.




I work as the RIS/PACS (Picture Archive Communications System) administrator for a Large Area Health Service in NSW who would like to be able to discuss patient treatment ACROSS hospitals between 2 rooms of clinicians.


These Hospitals are located around 15km apart.


Video conferencing is already present (but is quite poor, being purchased sometime ago) and is the easy part of the answer for the discussion between clinicians portion.


Here's the tricky part:


I want to bring up Xray images in the conference room of Hospital A and scroll through them during said conference.


When I manipulate/scroll through the images in Hospital A, I want the other conference room in Hospital B to have a mirror image of what I am doing so that everyone is on the same page (so to speak).


Is there any way to do this other than point a Camera at an image on a wall which comes from a projector?


Keep in mind this is patient data and so is subject to the Privacy act.


The networking infrastructure is: GB+ inside each Hospital but 100Meg Microwaves for communication between the 2 hospitals.




For those who do not know what a PACS Administrator is: If you attend a Hospital in NSW and receive an Xray/CT/MRI/Ultrasound/PET/Nuclear Med scan etc, they are digitally acquired and sent to PACS server(s) so that Dr's can view the scans, anywhere (even from home) and treat/diagnose you. A PACS admin looks after all these servers and the information they store and troubleshoots/networks/fixes/modifies etc exams/components as required.

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Have you looked at UltraVNC and the likes? You can set it up with basic encryption, and use it in view-only mode so Site B can only watch what's happening on Site A's screen and not make any input.

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The video conferencing at my work is great, functionally it is dual screen where either input can be video conferance from either room, or computer input to show powerpoint presentations or anythign else you like.


Maybe its time they updated the videoconference hardware.

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1. Internal Meeting Services [e.g. Microsoft Lync], using screen sharing to share the image views and will neatly address the chat/video requirements [could replace existing/ageing VC environment]. If you don't have a Microsoft agreement which includes Lync, spare hardware/virtual capacity, and certificate issuing/trust capabilities; this could be costly.

2. Hosted Meeting Services [e.g. Citrix/Cisco Online Meetings]. Primary risk [imo] is the data will leave your network and traverse public infrastructure. Whilst both products employ 'end-to-end' encryption, traffic will be decrypted and re-encrypted within the vendor's 'brokering' environment.

3. Some other screen-sharing solution, e.g. VNC as stated above.



- image quality - the solution is no good if the resulting image isn't of a high enough quality to make an accurate diagnosis

- encryption of data in transit (if required)

- client/server deployment

- client/server management

- meeting/host security (preventing unauthorised connections)

- support for multiple 'guests' (if required)

- integration of voice/video conferencing

- performance/usability impact of latency & available bandwidth on relevant comms links (e.g. microwave)

- determining how guests will connect to the meeting (user training)


I'd suggest talking to your IT security/network/desktop guys to make sure they're happy with whichever way you go.

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