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Requesting reviewers for Thermaltake Product

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Hey guys!


We are in need of some reviews done for our Thermaltake Product (Not Tt eSPORTS).


This includes things such as;

- Computer Cases

- Power Supplies

- Laptop Coolers


We would love video and text reviews, if you can only do one of the above, don't stop yourself from applying.


If you think you have what it takes, send me a PM on these forums with the following information:

Name: First "Online name" Last

Address: *Postage address, NOT PO Box*

Email Contact: *So I can email you the consignment details and any updates*

Previous review work: *Read bolded text below*

I will bold this next part so I hope it is read (and stands out well).

You MUST have some experience. If you have not reviewed something before, do a review on it (big or small) and post it on these forums, get some feedback and THEN PM me.

I need to be sure that the person I am sending my product to is capable of doing a review.

Thanks guys!


Note: Available to Aus/NZ residents only.

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Naaa I would if you wanted me too but I'd be posting the reviews I do on my review site too if you wanted. More then happy to help though :)


If your coming Easter time should come over and check out my Projector setup in the lounge I turned the sex dungeon into a projector room there are a few good guys on here that I'd recommend.

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I didn't know you had a review site.

You got Skype/MSN? Hit me up with your contact details and I will talk to you there.


Recommend away Mudgey, anyone you recommend can't be too bad in my opinion.

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Just a Laptop review site that I make some cash off from Americans looking for college laptops. You can talk on my on steam/facebook when im home.

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