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"Achievement Hunter" tries Mari0

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FYI, that's Not Safe For Little Kiddies.


Word to the wise, get some headphones, or tell the kids to go crazy with coke and lollies for the next 20 minutes, cause this is going to make you cry.



Join Geoff, Gavin, Michael, & Ryan as they play Mari0 for the first time. Alliances will be made, friendships will be broken, but in the end, only one thing is certain. Gavin sucks.


Mari0 combines the original side scrolling 8-bit adventure with the futuristic portal technology developed by Aperture science. Mario with portals.




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"I'll let you know when I give a shit what you think, it'll be a long day from now."


Lol great game, had a bash at work for about an hour the other night, glad Nuke introduced me to it!

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