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Noctua CPU Cooler Installation Question

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I have purchased a Noctua NH-C12P-SE14 cooler for my 1155 2500K motherboard.



I have the main mount screwed on but would like to check how tight to tighten the 4 screws that hold the back plate assembly together. I have a tendency to over tighten things and have been known to strip threads.


The 4 screws that go from the back plate have a shoulder on them. Should I tighten down till the nuts hit the shoulder? So far I have snugged them up fairly tightly but they have not bottomed out yet.


I should imagine if they are too loose they may vibrate loose and there is not locking device on the nuts, like some lock nuts. But not sure if they can be overtightened either. The manual does not state tighten up to the bolt (Screw) shoulder.


Previously I have just fitted coolers with push pins to make it nice and easy.


Any advice would be appreciated.


Regards MarkL

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as long as it feels tight enough like it won't wobble/rotate/move around at all, it will be fine, don't crush your CPU to powder under it tho :) like, try to twist it a bit, and if you can its too loose.

its actually pretty hard to overtighten CPU coolers but if you do tighten until you can't tighten any more, you may find your motherboard has a nice bow in it, lol

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I am only tightning the bottom section (base) at this time, not the cooler to mount.


I downloaded the latest manual and it says tighten till it stops. This is the lower half (base) that screws to the mother board, not the the cooler.

Problem is it is very hard to tell when you bottom out when assembled. I think the pad on the underneith side gets compressed making it hard to tell when the shoulder bolt and nut mate. It is easy unassembled. If it had a better quality screw thread it would be easier.


Putting the cooler to the base is easy, as you can tell much easier when the screws bottom out.


Guess I will just have to make my best guess and hope for the best.


Cheers MarkL



I can see now why it is hard to tell if the nuts have bottomed out on the shoulder bolts. The top plate of the base mount is channel shaped and the nut has it's lower half turned down to fit in the channel. The top half of the nut with the knurled finish rubs on the legs of the channel, just. This makes the nut bind a little making it hard to tell when you have bottomed out. This may be their locking device not sure, but it makes the assembly a bit harder.


If I just tighten by hand using the knurled top half I do not think it may be bottomed out correctly, but if I use a screw driver I may over tighten a bit not sure.

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