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WTF?! The board times are all wrong!

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No they're not. Daylight savings has ended and you need to modify your board settings to match (that is if you don't live in one of those arse backwards states that fear the curtains fading).


1) Click on My Controls

2) Under Options on the left hand side of the page, click on Board Settings.

3) You may find that you already have "Auto correct DST?" ticked. If you have, and the time is wrong, untick it. A second box will pop up asking "Is daylight saving time in effect?". Untick it. Otherwise, just untick the second box if it was already ticked.

4) Click Change My Account Options at the bottom of the page. That should fix it.

5) If your time is still out, then your time zone is wrong - in which case, why haven't you noticed that earlier?





Just getting in first, before the inevitable...














(plus, i woke up earlier than I wanted to and I'm bored).

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Auto correct DST?

(If selected, your DST setting is automatically adjusted when you next load the board index)

The perils of skipping the index pages :

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Pages are taking ages to load too. Could be the time stamps are screwed up somewhere too.


Its seems the pages are going via a .ru site ,can someone check this?

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