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xp-32 to 7-64, both pro.

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the P5Q is a pretty ancient motherboard.....I ran the exact same board about 3 or 4 years ago, maybe it's getting close to upgrade time.....


Oh yeah.


This machine was up graded from to as ASUS (the irony) i7 17.3inch laptop thing for my partners Uni work. it's main roll is file server but is does need to relive it's glory days of being a games machine. but only on weekends the kids visit.

I am the next one due for an upgrade, will be replacing my 1090t with something in about 2 years, the e8400 (in this thread) can then be recased (fractal R3 *drool*) to be exclusively file server/media centre and my current will be the 2nd games machine.

It was important to stop bleeding money into this thing as we had just put a new PSU and OS in to help it keep up with our file and network needs. if not for the BSOD in games it was exceding expectation as a file repository and nework sharing work horse.


the testing, as advised in this thread, was very helpful and did have us looking at MoBo if the graphics angle could be confirmed as OCCT had the machine running like a champion. but the total failure of atleast DRAM socket A1 has revealed what looks to have been the major contributor.


I would like to thank all who took the time to give me directions to test and tools to help. I feel we have a handle on this and it is no longer an unknown issue. Thank you.

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