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Creative Tactic 3D Sigma

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So after my disastrous impulse purchase of a Turtle Beach Z6A headset, I sold it and did a little bit more research this time for a replacement.


I heard a lot of good things about the Corsair series which were in my price range but I just couldn't find one locally. I ended up deciding on the Creative Tactic 3d Sigma. I considered the Creative Tactic Wrath, but it was exactly the same as the Sigma, just wireless and about $60 more :P


I also had a look at the Razer Megalodon, which reviews well, but was too expensive to take a punt on. There was a Steel Series model (I can't remember which one) that I would have gotten (purely because it was orange and matched my keyboard/mouse, though it reviewed well too) but I couldn't find one locally.


This time round, I didn't want a multi-speaker surround headset. After reading a lot of reviews and hearing a pair for myself, I came to conclusion that it just never quite got it convincingly right. The biggest thing that deterred me was the fact that in a multi-speaker setup, you can only physically fit a certain size of driver, because you need multiple....all of this just means that at any given price point, the sound quality most likely is going to be shittier compared to a standard stereo speaker setup. I picked the Sigma's due to their massive 50mm drivers, and a lot of positive reviews on the net.


Didn't have much luck testing them out for the first time. I instantly noticed a lack of bass and the balance swayed to the left. I had them plugged straight into my sound card (analogue) rather than use the USB dongle as I wanted to see how they went. I tested other ports, different players, same result. Then I installed the software and used the USB dongle hoping that would fix it. Nope.....still fucked. Tried a firmware update, same thing. Luckily, I had bought 2 pairs as a mate wanted one as well. Pulled his out and found they worked perfect. Returned the faulty pair and had them swapped no probs.


Tonight, my mate and I tested our new headsets out with a game of Battlefield 3. I spent quite a bit of time playing with the Creative software and different sound modes in game til I found a setting I was fairly happy with.


I think this headset is pretty good....It's not great, but then it only cost 75bux. Don't get me wrong, I would buy these again if it weren't for the fact I love trying out new things. They sound alright. They go LOUD. Bass response is good. Highs don't sound too tinny or harsh. Mic quality is good. Software configuration is good. They're pretty comfy. 3D surround sound is alright. They're built alright (better than my turtle beach ones!).


I've got no real problem with this headset, no aspect pisses me off.....it's just that it doesn't really WOW me in any particular category. I'd recommend them sure, but with the disclaimer that they're above average (like I have all this experience to know what the "average" is :P), but at the end of the day they only cost 75bux.


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tested in bf3 you say, i would have never guessed that :P

I just reformatted my PC....I only have bf3 and Diablo installed :(


It was a good way to test directional audio ;)

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