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erocolypse now

A Real Job for D&D DM/GM's?

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I've been following the development of this sandbox mmo for a little while, but I'm not posting to advertise it or start some debate on what type of game is better than another.


After the D&D thing that happened recently I thought I'd get this out there, just in case some of you are interested:





Q: How will the GM dynamic event strike team work?


Dev (Rob Steele): Ever played a table-top D&D-like game with a really great GM making it come to life?


If so, imagine that, with a much larger and evolving world, many more players, and a bunch of GM's with tons of tools at their disposal to make the experience that much more unique on the fly.

They'll have the power and freedom to create, tell, and modify stories that are either stand alone one-off, or tied to others in campaign style formats. Since the events won't be pre-scripted and the DET will react to player involvement and the environment, each event will be custom tailored by a human being, not some automated system. With multiple DET members, there's a good chance you'll end up experiencing these random events from different people, adding a different personal flare or touch to each event, keeping things fresh, exciting, and unpredictable! In addition, in most cases you will never know when you are trudging through the middle of an area a DET is watching or about to start an event!

When we start hiring DET members, we'll be looking for people that have exceptionally creative minds, superb talent in story telling, and experience as a game master. We know they're out there, and we aim to put the tools in their hands and set them loose!


That really is the most accurate answer I can give without going into specifics of what exactly they will be capable of...


Dev (Dave Belcher): One part of the job Rob didn't mention was just keeping things running smoothly in the world. That includes things like monitoring animal densities, player densities etc, and maybe triggering small events (or even just hinting at them through that crazy begger on the street) to keep things balanced.


But yeah, it is a really cool feature that we are really looking forward to implementing (and I know a lot of the team want to work on it too!). Maybe we could do a feature blog on it soon...


More info: The Vision (The website is new with a lot a placeholder art).


They also have a Kickstarter but you can follow that up yorselves if you're intrigued.

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sounds like a really great concept, i had thought of the same vision as well and thought it would work well.

Truly a dynamic system will be keen to see how good it turns out to be.

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