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New LCD Monitors; How do I make sense of it all ?

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Hi there,


First post on the new forum, tragically my account didn't carry over :(




I'm currently still using a 20" Wide Samsung 205BW, decent monitor, more than happy with it, but at 20" it's getting a bit small these days, looking to upgrade.


So looking at the realms of 24" Monitors you have your $1000 High Quality Panels, and the $390 Low Quality (Maybe?) Panels.


I just want a monitor that's good for gaming / dvds / divx / word processing.


I don't really do advanced Photoshop work, so as far as I can tell, the top of the line panels are going to be a waste on me.


Would something like the Acer 24" P244WB (1080p Res / HDMI Input) be perfect for me ?


I keep seeing these monitors at the cheaper end of the spectrum and get put off by a lot of the comments about 'low quality' panels and such, so it would be kind of a nice to get some idea of where i'm starting at. I'm going to guess that my current screen is at that 'low quality' end of the spectrum as it was quite cheap at the time I bought it (I also managed to take advantage of an error on a stores website and get it for $100 cheaper than the 'real' price).


So would this Acer be an upgrade in terms of picture quality, would it be worse ?


I also don't have a beastly system; E6580 / 9600GT neither are overclocked, so would that cause a huge issue with performance at the increased resolution ?


Looking at running Crysis / Fallout 3 / Farcry 2 / Call of Duty 4 / Mass Effect / Assassin's Creed, of which I'd 'assume' Crysis or FarCry is the most demanding. Will my PC run this monitor happily, and will I get at least the same image quality i'm accustomed too, if not better ?


Sorry for being a bit long winded, just trying to get all the relevant info in the first post so I don't have to waste anyone's time.


Thanks in advance for anything people can contribute,



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For basic stuff like that, you can't go ~too~ wrong with any 24" screen. I personally have the BenQ G2400W at home, and love it.


You will get less performance at that larger resolution, or less quality. Inevitable, sadly. It won't be crippling, but you'll lose ~5 fps going up in res with a budget card like that :)

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Well I picked up the Acer, been promising myself a new screen for a while and the price on this is just so solid.


Happy with it so far other than the colour is a bit... bright ? Hard to explain, maybe it's just me being used to my old monitor which is more blue, just needs some time and some fine tuning, good value for money thus far.


You really think it'll only be a 5fps or so loss ? That's a lot better than I would have expected.


Have to spend some time playing some games after my last exam thursday!

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