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Weird computer issue.

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Hey there people i have a weird issue with the computer at the moment , all day and shit the computer has been 100percent fine and about a hour ago i moved it and the thing took super long to start up ,. So i took the memory stick out and cleaned the motherboard and what not put it back in and its still takes forever to load up..

So what the go is when it finally loads up its super super super laggy like everything is in super slow motion apart from anything ont he internet its all working fine and with good speed. I even tried to load up a movie and that was super slow. So anyhelp would be great please.

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you say that it was working fine before you moved it?

I'd guess that you've dislodged something.

reseat everything

if that fails, strip it back to the very barest minimum, and use the 'process of elimination'

sometimes, it's necessary to even take the motherboard out, and onto a bench, to discount any possible shorting

where possible, try different leads.

have you checked Device Manager? there may be a nasty yellow exclamation mark to indicate the problem......

from your description, it's unlikely that virii/malware etc are to blame......in that case I would recommend MBAM...

the obvious is something became dislodged, the next likely would be (in my mind...) one of your drives

good luck


this belongs in Building, Troubleshooting & Modding


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Check that your CPU cooler hasn't come loose if it's still partially connected it may be cooling your processor enough to prevent it from crashing all together whilst still stopping your system from operating correctly. That would explain the lag, otherwise as mentioned, process of eliminiation. Disassemble, clean and rebuild.

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