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Android Phone Advice

Which Phone?  

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  1. 1. Help me choose!

    • Samsung S3
    • Samsung S2 4G
    • HTC Velocity 4G
    • HTC One XL
    • Other

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I want an Android phone, want 4G, with Telstra, boss wants me to decide today. :S


Apparently the S3 doesn't have 4G yet, which is putting me off... but that's kinda what I want. :S


Help me decide!

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I've got a reprieve!


Someone from Telstra, (or not from Telstra), called up yesterday and told him that the contract my phone was on was about to run out and that we had to choose a phone now, blah, blah; and that they'd call back tomorrow, (i.e., today), to discuss. I thought sounded about right, but when we checked today, we're still a few months out... so I managed to tell him to tell that person to ggf, and we'll choose a new phone in our own sweet time.


Thanks for feedback though guys!

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