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Quality gaming headset? 5.1 speakers > stereo headphones

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Bit of a two part post here...


Firstly, my bedroom acoustics are such that whenever I pop a cap in whichever game du jour I'm playing there's an almighty yell from the next room as Dad bellows at me to "TURN THAT SHOOTING CRAP DOWN!" Bottom line I need a quality pair of headphones for my gaming. Not for music though.


Any suggestions as to what to buy? Looking at about $150 - $200. Mic isn't required, I'll get one seperate if I need one at all.

Been looking at Sennheiser but I don't really know much about audio and brands, performance, cost etc.

Any and all suggestions welcome.


Secondly, the headset I have at the moment (an uncomfortable Plantronics getup with a useless mic boom about as flexible as an arthritic) has issues with cutting out certain sounds when I plug it into my 5.1 control pod thingo.


I've got Realtek drivers, and the headset plugs into the control pod (volume, bass adjustment etc.) for my G51 Logitech speakers.

When I'm playing with the speakers everything is fine, but when I plug the headset into the jack on the pod I lose certain areas of sound. Sounds that usually come out the center speaker aren't played (or are, but don't come out) and I think the subwoofer as well, and of course side speakers.


Is there a way to fix this so that it switches between stereo and 5.1 setup when I plug the headset in or something to that effect?

I hope someone can understand that...typing quickly in break at work.

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Firstly I would bet you are "losing" sound because you are using 5.1 speaker settings and are going to stereo headphones.

So every time you want to use the headphones you could change the Realtek settings to headphone or stereo.

As for 5.1 headphones I have had a set of Zalman 5.1s for some years and they work ok.


Mine came with a little lapel type Mic which actually works surprisingly well (it clips to the headphone cord).

To switch between speakers and headphones I just have three 3.5mm extension cables running from the back of the PC.


So I just unplug the speakers and plug in the headphones when needed.

All plugs and sockets are labelled so I don't hook front up to centre or whatever.


Must build or buy a suitable audio switch one day.




Oh BTW what is this 5.1 control pod thingo?

Got make and model?

Or links?

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I'm waiting for the Razer Megalodon . . .. 7.1 headphones look sweeet.


Avoid them like the plauge. Real stero headphone are always going to be better than 5.1/7.1 gimmicks.


If anything, the sound itself (when it comes to music) wouldn't be great. But, the directionality does seem like an interesting feature.


And anything's better than my current 10-year-old $5 beige speakers. . .

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