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27sa950 monitor help want to go 3 monitor setup

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I purchased the samsung 27inch 950 model. The one with out the tv tuner. The reviews said this monitor is the best of the best. I connected it to my ps3 and to a 3d blu ray player. Found the 3d to suck. The 3d appeared to have depth and did not come out of the screen. There was a lot of ghosting and when there was any motion its was blurry to the point you could not watch it.


Any ideas what could cause it or what could fix it. I want to purchase another 2 monitors and have a 3 monitor setup. Is it worth while keeping 3d would the other 2 monitors all side by side produce a good 3d setup?


should i go another 2 27inch monitors without the 3d? Would they all match up okay?


I am planing on running 2 7950s in crossfire. That should be enough power.


Any advice and recommendations would help.

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