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On 16/08/2018 at 11:19 AM, Rybags said:

Morons @ Google once again.  Thanks for assuming the location of my home desktop is 20 km south of where I live.

Better that they get it sorta wrong than wildly wrong.  I've had Windows locate my laptop in Dubai when I was in Mt Gambier.

Except for nav systems, what does it matter, anyway?  The weather won't be that different in only 20km, surely - most of the time, at any rate (once in a blue moon you might be on the edge of a rain cell or something).  You could regard it as a sort of security feature if you get paranoid about others locating you via your google profile. 😉

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It's Friday I'm home. Showered and shampooed the week clean . Finished a tasty meal and consumed three quarts of a bloody mammoth sized scotch. Life is better

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