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Speakers and Headset

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Hello all,


I have some Logitech speakers and I also have a Logitech G35 Headset.


I would like to have them both plugged in while still being able to use the headset and or speakers.

So my question is am I able to have them both plugged in and easily switch between them (for example a simple program with 2 check boxes) ?

I like to use the headset when I am playing games/voice chat, speakers I use when I play movies and music.

Anyone know of a program I could use ?


P.S Right now I have to unplug one or the other which is really annoying


Thanks in advance



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You can go into Playback Devices and right click on the one you want to use set as default and it will be used from that point forward.

There is a simple taskbar app that makes it easier, but I just can't remember the name. Let me get back to you on that.



After a quick Google, STADS might do what you're after. I can't remember if that's the one I tried myself though.

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Also note that some programmes allow you to specify the audio device it will use.

EG I have USB headphones which show up as a second sound card. So I have my video and audio software player set to always use my Soundblaster card so even with the headphones connected the audio still comes through the speakers.

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